Pierre Fitch video

If you like watching Pierre in action then you are going to love this Pierre Fitch video. He invited his friend, Sebastian Chase to film this video together. Sebastian is a pretty cute guy, very funny and always open to new things. He was so thrilled that finally he has the chance to work with Pierre. They’ve known each other for a while, but never fucked and never filmed a Pierre Fitch porn scene before. Sebastian also likes music, and Pierre thought it would be cool to have some background music while they sit in bed and talk about what they like to do during sex.

As you know, Pierre is a DJ and it seems that they have many things in common, so Sebastian is really excited that he is going to be fucked by a DJ. They start to kiss and take off each other’s shirts, next the pants go down too and Sebastian starts sucking Pierre’s big cock. He is so horny now that can’t wait to take Pierre’s dick in his ass, so he turns around and Pierre finally slides his cock in Sebastian ’s tight ass and starts fucking him really hard. Have fun watching this PierreFitch scene!


Pierre Fitch videos – Pounding Ryan Rose

Hello and welcome back! It seems that you like watching Pierre Fitch videos, and in this scene he is fucking with hot Ryan Rose, a cute blonde guy he met not long ago. Pierre likes to play and fuck cute guys in many different places, even in public, but this time he chose to move this PierreFitch porn scene to the bathroom, so before Ryan arrived he ran the water and prepared a nice warm bubble bathtub for Ryan. As soon as Ryan got there they took off their clothes and went in the bath. Ryan was a bit nervous but once he got in the bathtub he started feeling comfortable, plus Pierre is such a good looking guy that Ryan couldn’t wait to get his hands on his handsome partner. After they sucked each other off Ryan was ready to bend over and Pierre shoved his cock deep inside his tight butthole. Ryan started moaning so load when Pierre started shagging him hard in doggy style position. that he almost blew his load, but Pierre wanted Ryan to cum all over his face.

This hot scene ends with the guys jerking off their cocks and covering each other in their creamy man juice, so have fun watching and don’t forget to cum back for more hardcore porn or visit http://older4me.us/ blog to find some similar videos and picture galleries.


Rough anal pounding

If you enjoyed watching our Pierre Fitch videos then better watch this one, because Pierre has brought a really cute and good lucking guy for you. He is Ryan, and he loves getting his asshole fucked as much as he loves sucking big hard cocks. They are filming a hardcore scene together today, and to make it even more interesting they start wrestling on the floor after they get naked. Finally Pierre manage to pin Ryan down to the floor holding him there until Ryan starts begging Pierre to fuck him. This is a pretty intense Pierre Fitch video gallery, and there is a huge sexual tension between the two guys. They play with each other and tease each other but none of them makes the move fast. But Ryan is so horny that starts begging Pierre to fuck him, so he gets on his all fours spreading his ass cheeks waiting to get his tight ass penetrated by Pierre’s big cock.

Pierre Fitch takes his shirt and blindfolds his friend, then he buries hick hard cock deep inside Ryan’s asshole and starts hammering him hard. Ryan is in heaven now, he starts moaning so load and keep encouraging Pierre to fuck him harder and deeper. Pierre cannot hold it any longer and shoots his load deep inside Ryan’s ass! For similar content check out some fraternityx videos videos! See you next time, friends!


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Pierre Fitch boyfriend role playing scene

He is Pierre’s boyfriend, well but only in this Pierre Fitch boyfriend scene because they are doing some really hot role playing, pretending to be a real life couple so they have lots of bedroom activities together if you know what i mean. Jesse is a professional gymnast, so he is a very flexible guy and Pierre loves fucking him in all kind of positions. In this Pierre Fitch gay porn update they are both naked in the bedroom, its early morning and the two of them just woke up. Pierre loves morning sex more then anything so he removes the covers and starts playing with his still half asleep partner. When he reached between Jesse’s legs, he lifts up his ass so Pierre can grab his cock.

Pierre starts playing with his balls while he sucks his rock hard cock, and Jesse starts moaning. Pierre is so horny and hard by now, that he needs to stick his cock in his boyfriend’s ass. He starts fucking Jesse slowly, and they start changing positions. At one point Jesse gets on top of Pierre and starts riding his cock fast and hard making his buddy shoot his load! For similar galleries cum inside roddaily.org website. We can bet that you will be amazed by those videos and picture galleries.


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Pierre’s hot friend stroking his cock

This guy is a good friend of Pierre, and lately they got pretty close and spend lots of time together. When Pierre met Caleb he knew that he is going to love fucking with him, plus he was sure that Caleb is the kind of guy who loves performing for the cam. Caleb shoot many videos for Pierre’s site, and he offered some really great solo videos.

In this Pierre Fitch get sex scene, Cute Caleb starts playing solo just like in Cliff next door male video while Pierre is talking with him behind the cam. Caleb has a pretty big and stiff cock, and he loves showing it off, stroking it for the cam and Pierre always gets turned on when he watched Caleb jerking off his hard cock. To make it even more hot, Caleb starts playing with a flashlight toy. While he jerks off, Caleb starts talking about his sexual adventures, how he sucked a cock for the first time and how he got fucked bareback by a much older guy. Pierre loves listening him, but at one point he gets in bed with Caleb and starts sucking his cock, then he fucks his asshole really hard until they both start shooting stream after stream of creamy cum. Enjoy watching hot Caleb winking his hard big cock and fucking with horny Pierre!


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Hardcore Pierre Fitch porn scene

In this Pierre Fitch porn scene out horny host, Pierre, Brings back in front of the cams an old friend of his, Brody Frost! They already fucked few times and once they did it for the camera, and since the fans loved their scene, Pierre decided to bring Brody back for another great porn scene.

Brody is a really hot twink, and he loves getting his ass fucked by Pierre. Pierre even said that he makes a great bottom and he can’t wait to fuck Brody over and over again. After they get naked Brody gets on his knees to take Pierre’s big cock in his mouth. Brody sucks a cock like a pro, and he can make a guy shoot his load in no time, but Pierre has other plans with Brody. So Brody bends over so Pierre can slide his cock in his hot asshole, and in this scene Pierre is going to fuck him really hard, showing no mercy to Brody. But Brody loves rough sex, and this is exactly what PierreFitch is going to give him in this hardcore gay scene. After some serious ass hammering session, Brody starts jerking his cock and shoot a massive load of cum. Pierre is also ready to cum and Brody opens his mouth to take Pierre’ load down his throat! What an amazing scene! Enjoy, and if you want to see other sexy schoolboys getting their tight asses fucked by older men, cum inside http://schoolboysecrets.org/ blog. Bye!


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Hardcore sex with DC Chandler

We have so many Pierre Fitch videos for you, because he is always looking for hot new guys to fuck. He is in New York this time, looking for another horny guy to fuck for the cam, and when he meets DC Chandler he knows that he is the one. It was almost love at first site, or at first penetration to put it like that, because Phoenix has a really tight asshole and Pierre couldn’t get enough of it.

After they met in a bar and talked and drank together, they went to the bathroom to warm up, hen Chandler was ready to go back to the hotel with Pierre. Once they got in the room, Pierre set up the cam but Phoenix started feeling nervous. Pierre started kissing him and slowly undressing him making his new buddies cock rock hard. At this point Phoenix forgot about the cam and started concentrating on how to please Pierre, so he got on his knees and started sucking him off. Pierre asked him to lay down facing he bed and he started sliding his cock in JD’s ass. It was not easy to penetrate him because Phoenix has a really tight ass so Pierre hat to take it slow at first, but then Phoenix got used to having a big cock in his ass and was ready to get fucked hard and deep. Have fun watching this hot Pierre Fitch gay porn scene! Cum inside chaosmen.net website and find similar videos. Enjoy!


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Pierre Fitch cock in a tight ass

We are bringing in front of the cams a guy with a really big cock for this new Pierre Fitch cock series. This is Chandler but his name is quite funny because there in nothing little about this guy, as we said, he has a pretty big cock and Pierre couldn’t take it in his mouth balls deep. Chandler is a hot skater guy who is always looking for new hot guys to have hardcore sex so Pierre was lucky to have him in his studio.

Chandler likes to bottom, so this is a win win relation because PierreFitch likes to top, but when he saw Chandler’s big cock he couldn’t resist the temptation of not taking him in his mouth. Chandler got really horny and he couldn’t wait to get his asshole penetrated by Pierre, and Pierre was more then happy to fuck that hot ass hard and rough. Enjoy watching these to hot and horny guys shooting their big loads together! If you’re looking for similar content, check out http://masonwyler.us/ website and have a great time watching other gay couples fucking!


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Pierre pounding Brad Star’s ass

If you seen our previous Pierre Fitch videos then you know that he loves bringing fresh new guys in front of the cam, and for this update he has brought Brad Star. Pierre loves fucking all kind and types of guys and when he meets hot twinks like Brad he loves  to get rough with them. Brad was ready for a hardcore amateur gay anal pounding but before this, he really wanted to suck Pierre’s cock. Pierre Fitch never refuses a blowjob, specially when a hot guy like Brad is so eager to take his cock in his mouth, and Brad is really good at giving blowjobs, Pierre Fitch loved every minute of it. As it was expected, Pierre replayed him with a hardcore anal pounding and Brad was moaning so loud, encouraging Pierre to go harder and deeper in him.

In this hardcore PierreFitch.com scene Brad shoots a huge load of cum while Pierre is hammering his ass, and then he gets back on his knees taking Pierre’s load in his mouth and sucking his cock dry and clean. What a yummy scene! Have fun and come back for more fun!


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Pierre Fitch dildo insertions

Have fun watching a great scene taken from the Pierre Fitch dildo series. This cute hot guy is Ben Rose, and when he met Pierre he talked about how he likes to shove all sort of toys and objects in his ass. Pierre asked him if he would shoot a video for his site and Ben was happy to do it. They met up the next day, and after Pierre Fitch set up the can, Ben got naked and ready to do a great solo performing. Pierre was asking him all kind of questions, and in the mean time Ben was playing with his big cock. Then he spread his legs lifting them up in the air to show his asshole to the cam, then he started sliding his fingers inside. Pierre gave him a really big black dildo, and Ben turned around and bent over ready to shove it it his asshole.

This guy wasn’t kidding, he loves fucking his ass with all kind of toys, the bigger they are the better he loves it. Pierre was really impressed and so turned on. Have fun watching this guy sliding that huge dildo in and out of his ass! For similar videos check out boynapped.org.uk website. See you soon, friends! Enjoy!


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